Classic TENS+EMS electrotherapy devices with analog adjustment

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Introducing our user-friendly TENS+EMS unit – an electronic therapy device for pain relief and well-being. It has 2 channels for precise control and customization, making it suitable for all ages. With 7 pre-programmed treatment programs, it offers versatile options to suit your needs. The device operates on a convenient 9V battery and includes four 40*40mm electrode pads for optimal coverage. Its classic design and easy operation ensure accessibility for all, including the elderly. Improve your health with this innovative electronic therapy device.
Product Features
1. Classic appearance
2. Analog adjustment
3. Age-friendly
4. Easy to use with TENS+EMS

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Introducing our TENS+EMS Unit

Your Ultimate Solution for Body Treatment and Pain ReliefSeeking effective pain relief and overall well-being? Look no further than our TENS+EMS Unit. This electronic therapy device harnesses the power of low-frequency electronic pulses to provide remarkable pain relief and promote optimal health. Designed with the convenience of home use in mind, our electronic pulse stimulator is user-friendly and suitable for individuals of all ages.

Product model R-C101F Electrode pads 40mm*40mm 4pcs Weight 150g
Modes TENS+EMS Battery 9V battery Dimension 101*61*24.5mm(L*W*T)
Programs 7 Treatment output Max.100mA Carton Weight 15KG
Channel 2 Treatment time 1-60mins and continuous Carton Dimension 470*405*426mm(L*W*T)

Precise Control and Customization

Harness the Power of 2 ChannelsOur TENS+EMS Unit is equipped with two channels, allowing you to target multiple areas of your body simultaneously. Whether you're dealing with localized pain or muscle soreness across various regions, our device provides the flexibility and precision you need. With individual controls for each channel, you can easily adjust the treatment intensity, ensuring a personalized and tailored therapy session.

Select from 7 Pre-programmed Treatment Programs: Choose What Suits You

Not sure which treatment mode to choose? No problem. Our TENS+EMS Unit offers seven pre-programmed options, designed to cater to a wide range of pain relief needs. From a soothing massage to a deep tissue therapy, our device has a mode that suits your preferences. Simply select the program that aligns with your needs, and let our unit deliver targeted pain relief and rejuvenation.

Convenient and Portable Usage with a 9V Battery

Say farewell to tangled wires and limited movement. Our TENS+EMS Unit operates on a 9V battery, providing you with the convenience and portability you desire. Whether you're at home, traveling, or on the go, you can easily use our device to enjoy pain relief anytime, anywhere. Don't let pain disrupt your life – our device ensures that you have relief at your fingertips.

Timeless and Sophisticated Design: A Classic That Stands Out

Our TENS+EMS Unit boasts a design that is timeless and sophisticated. With its sleek appearance, this device not only provides relief but also adds a touch of elegance to your home. Its compact size allows for easy storage and discreet usage. Included in the package are four 40*40mm electrode pads, providing optimal coverage for targeted treatment and ensuring that you can experience the full benefits of our device.

User-Friendly Interface: Accessible to All

At our core, we believe that electronic therapy should be accessible to everyone, including the elderly. That's why our TENS+EMS Unit is designed with a user-friendly interface and easy operation. Straightforward controls make it effortless to navigate the device, ensuring that you can use it without any hassle. We strive to make pain relief and rejuvenation accessible to individuals of all ages, enabling everyone to experience the benefits of our device.

Elevate Your Health and Well-being: Experience Effective Pain Relief and Rejuvenation

Are you ready to elevate your health and well-being? Our TENS+EMS Unit offers remarkable pain relief and rejuvenation, allowing you to reclaim control over your body. Say goodbye to persistent discomfort and limited mobility – with our device, you can restore comfort and regain your vitality. Embrace the transformative power of electronic therapy and experience the difference it can make in your life.

Invest in Innovative Electronic Therapy: Choose our TENS+EMS Unit

Don't settle for subpar pain relief or cumbersome therapy methods. Select our TENS+EMS Unit and discover the remarkable benefits of electronic therapy. Designed with your needs in mind, this device provides effective pain relief and promotes overall well-being. Elevate your health today with our innovative electronic therapy device and embrace a pain-free, revitalized you.

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