Exquisite 3 in 1 combo electrotherapy device with 52 massage programs

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Introducing our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit, the ultimate solution for body treatment and pain relief. This device uses electronic therapy to alleviate discomfort, revitalize muscles, and aid in injury recovery. With 73 programs, 40 intensity levels, and a portable design, it offers personalized and convenient treatment. Powered by a 500mA Li-ion battery, it provides long-lasting use. Customize your treatment with 52 massage programs and a 12 body part display. Take control of your well-being with this exceptional pain relief device.
Our advantages:

1. Exquisite appearance
2. 52 massage programs
3. Treatment body part display
4. Powerful function:TENS+EMS+MASSAGE 3 IN 1

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Introducing our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit

The Ultimate Solution for Body Treatment and Pain Relief Introduction:Introducing our revolutionary Tens+Ems+Massage Unit, the ultimate solution for effective body treatment and pain relief. This compact device utilizes advanced electronic therapy to alleviate discomfort, revitalize muscles, and aid in injury recovery. With its wide range of programs and customizable features, this device offers personalized and convenient treatment, making it a must-have for those seeking fast and efficient pain relief.

Product model M102A Electrode pads 50mm*50mm 4pcs Weight 90g
Modes TENS+EMS+MASSAGE Battery 500mA  Li-ion battery Dimension 120*60*18.6mm (L x W x T)
Programs 73 Treatment output Max.120mA Carton Weight 13KG
Channel 2 Treatment intensity 40 Carton Dimension 490*350*350mm(L*W*T)

Personalized Treatment

With a total of 73 specially curated programs and 40 intensity levels, our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit puts you in full control of your treatment. Whether you are suffering from muscle soreness, chronic pain, or recovering from an injury, this device can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Experience the luxury of tailored pain relief that is specifically designed to target different muscle groups and areas of the body.

Convenient and Portable Design

Our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit is designed with your convenience in mind. With its compact and lightweight build, you can easily carry it wherever you go, ensuring that relief is always within reach. Whether you are at work, at the gym, or simply relaxing at home, this portable device can be used anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to bulky and immobile pain relief equipment and welcome the freedom of on-the-go treatment.

Long-lasting Battery

Powered by a high-capacity 500mA Li-ion battery, our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit provides long-lasting use. You can enjoy hours of uninterrupted pain relief without worrying about recharging or replacing batteries. This ensures that you can rely on our device whenever you need it, ensuring consistent and effective treatment for your body.

Customizable Massage Programs

In addition to the numerous therapy programs, our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit offers 52 massage programs that allow you to customize your treatment to suit your preferences. From gentle and soothing massages to deep tissue stimulation, you can choose the intensity and technique that feels best for you. The device also features a 12 body part display, allowing you to target specific areas that require attention.

Take Control of Your Well-being

With our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit, you are empowered to take control of your well-being. This exceptional pain relief device provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to body treatment. Whether you are looking to recover from an injury, alleviate muscle soreness, or simply relieve stress, this device will be your go-to companion in your journey towards optimum health and wellness.


Don't let pain and discomfort dictate your life. Experience the transformative power of our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit and say hello to a pain-free and revitalized body. With its wide range of programs, customizable features, portable design, and long-lasting battery, this exceptional device is the ultimate solution for your body treatment and pain relief needs. Take control of your well-being and indulge in the luxury of personalized pain relief with our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit.

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