Tens+Ems+Massage 3-in-1 Combo Electrotherapy Devices

Brief Introduction

R-C4A electronic Medical device combine TENS, EMS and MASSAGE functions. It uses electrical stimulation pulses to relieve body pain and build muscle. It targets 12 different areas such as neck, shoulders, back, abdomen etc. Its unique design, which offers 60 treatment options and 40 intensity levels, allows users to customize their preferred treatmentprograms.
Our advantages:

1. Advanced appearance
2. High cost performance
3. 10 treatment part display

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Product Detail

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Introducing our latest innovation in medical technology

- The electronic medical device that combines TENS, EMS, and MASSAGE functions, all in one compact and portable device.

Product model R-C4A Electrode pads 50mm*50mm 4pcs Weight 82g
Modes TENS+EMS+MASSAGE Battery 500mAh Li-ion battery Dimension 109*54.5*23cm(L*W*T)
Programs 60 Treatment output Max.120mA Carton Weight 13KG
Channel 2 Treatment intensity 40 Carton Dimension 490*350*350mm(L*W*T)

R-C4A Combo Electrotherapy Devices

This devices developed based on the principle of current stimulation, this device is designed to relieve body pain and train muscles effectively.With its unique design and advanced features, our electronic medical device is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a versatile and efficient pain relief and muscle training device.

powerful function

It comes with 60 treatment procedures, offering a wide range of options to cater to individual needs. TENS function provides 30 programs, EMS offers 27 programs, and MASSAGE includes 3 programs. One of the key highlights of our product is the ability to customize your treatmentwith 40 stimulation levels, you have complete control over your therapy. Whether you're targeting specific body parts or looking for a full-body treatment, our device has got you covered. It includes 10 body parts, allowing you to stimulate various areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, abdomen.The treatment frequency can be adjusted from 2Hz to 120Hz, and the treatment time can range from 5 minutes to 90 minutes, providing flexibility and suitability for different users.

Ease of use

Our electronic medical device is equipped with 2 channels and comes with 4 pcs 50*50mm pads, ensuring effective coverage and maximum comfort during usage. Its 500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery ensures long-lasting power, and the device can be easily recharged for continuous use.

Safety and security

We understand the importance of reliability and safety when it comes to medical devices. That's why our product is designed and manufactured with utmost precision and adherence to quality standards. Rest assured, our electronic medical device is not only effective but also safe to use, allowing you to experience pain relief and muscle training with peace of mind.

act on it

Our electronic medical device is a powerful and comprehensive solution for pain relief and muscle training. With its innovative design, wide range of treatment options, and customizable features, it is a must-have for anyone seeking effective and convenient therapy. Don't let pain hold you back - try our electronic medical device and regain control over your well-being.

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