Professional 5 in 1 TENS medical machine for pain relief with IFC and micro-current

Brief Introduction

Introducing our advanced 5-in-1 TENS Device, designed to effectively treat and relieve pain. With adjustable intensity levels and pre-programmed treatment options. The user-friendly LCD display allows for effortless adjustments and monitoring. Built with high-quality materials, our sleek TENS Device offers both style and functionality. Whether you’re a professional or an individual in need of powerful electrotherapy, our 5-in-1 TENS Device is the ultimate choice for pain relief. Experience the transformative benefits of our advanced electrotherapy device today.
Product characteristic

1. Exquisite appearance
2. Deeper stimulation range
3. High capacity lithium battery
4. TENS+EMS+IF+RUSS+MIC 5 modes in 1 machine

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Introducing Our Advanced 5-in-1 TENS Device
- Effective Body Treatment and Pain Relief

Our advanced 5-in-1 TENS Device is designed to provide effective body treatment and pain relief like no other. This professional-grade electronic pulse stimulator harnesses the power of TENS, EMS, IF, RUSS, and micro-current technologies to deliver unparalleled therapeutic benefits. With this device, you can experience a comprehensive approach to pain management and muscle rehabilitation.

Product model R-C101W Electrode pads 50mm*50mm 4pcs Weight 140g
Modes TENS+EMS+IF+RUSS+MIC Battery 1050mA Li-ion battery Dimension 120.5*69.5*27mm(L*W*T)
Programs 120 Treatment intensity 90 levels Carton Weight 20KG
Channel 2 Treatment time 5-90 mins adjustable Carton Dimension 480*428*460mm(L*W*T)

Customizable Treatment Options for Targeted Relief

Equipped with two channels and low to intermediate frequencies, our TENS Device allows you to target specific areas of your body and customize your treatment to suit your needs. By combining the power of these modalities, you can create a tailored experience that addresses your unique pain or discomfort. Say goodbye to generalized therapies and welcome a personalized approach to your pain relief journey.

Long-lasting Usage for Uninterrupted Relief

Our TENS Device is powered by a 1050 mA Li-ion battery, ensuring long-lasting usage that allows you to experience uninterrupted relief. No need to worry about running out of power during your treatments or needing frequent battery replacements. With our device, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can rely on it for prolonged periods of use.

Easy Adjustment and Monitoring with Intuitive Display

Finding the right settings for your treatments is effortless with our TENS Device. Featuring 90 intensity levels and 120 pre-programmed treatment options, you have a wide range of choices to discover what works best for you. The LCD display provides clear visibility, enabling you to easily navigate through the settings. Say goodbye to complicated instructions and hello to a user-friendly experience.

Sleek Design: Combining Style and Functionality

Our TENS Device is built with the highest quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. Additionally, it showcases a sleek and clear appearance, embodying both style and functionality. Whether you are a healthcare professional seeking a reliable treatment device for your practice or an individual looking for a powerful electrotherapy solution at home, our 5-in-1 TENS Device is the perfect choice.

Experience the Transformative Benefits Today

If you are seeking effective body treatment and pain relief, our advanced 5-in-1 TENS Device is the ultimate solution. Harnessing the power of TENS, EMS, IF, RUSS, and micro-current technologies, this device offers unparalleled therapeutic benefits. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, muscle rehabilitation, or simply need relief from everyday aches, our TENS Device is here to help. Don't miss out on the transformative benefits of our most advanced electrotherapy device. Try it today and take control of your pain management journey.

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